Flight Services

  • Sightseeing tours
  • Taxi flights
  • Private flights
  • Power line inspection flights
  • Aerial photography flights
  • News flights
  • Surveillance flights
  • Game and hunting control flights

Adventure Packages

In addition to helicopter services, we offer customized adventure packages.

Be it a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday or any other cause for celebration — mark the occasion with a helicopter ride.

Our adventure packages are also perfect for companies — show your appreciation to good clients in a personal and creative way.

We also offer the use of a full service Smoke Sauna.
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Good to know

When reserving and coming for your flight, please remember that…

  • flights are always suspect to weather conditions — fog, storm, thunder, icy rain, hard snow or rain fall will prevent a flight
  • carrying passengers is only allowed during daylight, according to the law
  • the maximum take-off weight of the helicopters can’t be exceeded — please inform us about the flight route, number of persons and amount of luggage in advance
  • planned landing sites require a permission from the land owner
  • single engine helicopters are not allowed to carry passengers in the open sea (eg. Helsinki–Tallinn). Flying in the archipelago is fine.